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(Last updated: 7/29/2022)

Please read before commissioning me.

If you have any questions regarding commissions or contract work feel free to message me at:

Link to my Trello board

for prices, current commission status, and slot availability:


  • All communication regarding commissions must be made through E-mail, Discord, Telegram or any of my social media DMs.

  • All commission slots are first come first serve.

  • I'm currently open to 10 slots at this time.

  • Credit must be given to me (The artist) when posting on multiple platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Etc.) Or any project involving the use of my artwork.

  • TOS are subject to change at any time.

  •  Serious buyers only. Do not request a commission from me if you cannot afford it at this time. While I appreciate your business, I ask that you put your own financial obligations and needs above anything else.

  • All commissions are currently made through my Ko-fi page 


  • Slots are filled based on the order in which the forms are received.

  • (lf you order more than one commission from me please fill out an additional form.)

  • You can also change/cancel a commission form at any time before the next available slot.

  • If for whatever reason you wish to make changes to your form, or you wish to cancel a commission and the form has already been sent, feel free to message me and I will respond accordingly.

  • Filling out a form does not guarantee you a slot.

  • Any requests after all the available slots have been filled will be put on a waitlist in the order in which they are received.

  • Please give a detailed description of what you want featured in your commission/s.

  • Please include reference images for what will be featured in your commission/s.

      (Things such as characters, props, backgrounds etc.)​

  • Commissions will be completed within 30 days after payment has been processed and received.

        (I work as fast as I can, and I will send you regular updates as soon as possible.)

Will Draw:

Will NOT Draw:

• Humans                    

• OCS                         

• Animals                     

• Furries (Anthro)

• Objects

• Ref sheets

• Expression charts

• Pinups (SFW)

• Social Media Icons/Banners

(with credit) Twitch/Discord emotes

• Fanart

  • Other People's OCs (without direct permission)

  • Real People (without direct permission)     

  • Realism                              

  • Mental and Physical Abuse/Torture

  • Political, Racist, Religious, Sexist, Hateful or Hurtful imagery. 

  • NSFW (Risqué maybe, but nothing too graphic)    

  • Weird kinks/fetishes

  • Blood and Gore (Depending on intensity and specific circumstances.)


Refunds can only be issued in the events of the following:

• The time taken to complete a commission exceeds the 30 day time limit.

• I cannot complete the commission due to events that would prevent me from working on it any further. 


(Ex. Medical/Family emergencies, Scheduling conflicts, Equipment Repair/Maintenance, inability to portray etc.)

• If the issue is on my end and I can't complete your commission/s you will be given a full or partial refund based on the time worked .

• If I cancel your commission/s and you've already paid, I will issue you a full refund.

• Issuing a chargeback after a commission has been completed in an attempt to obtain free artwork is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in permanent blacklisting from any future sales or services.


• General Commission Work
• Character and Prop Design
• Model and Expression sheets
• Cleanup, Lineart and Revisions
• Merchandise design
• Advertisements


• Private commissions will only be accepted based on the specific circumstances
regarding the commission/s themselves.

• For whatever reason you'd like to remain  anonymous I will use your name on the Trello board under a pseudonym or simply put you down as "Anonymous".

• Upon request I can post your commission without any mention of your real name and or username.

• Deadline commissions take the highest priority and would require further Negotiations.
(Additional fees may be included and vary depending on the commission itself.)


• Often times I will offer commissions at reduced prices
during special sales and events. These sales are valid until their listed end dates.

• Discounts can still be applied past the end date,
if forms have been filled out and submitted before or on the last day of a sale. 
They will be put on the waitlist until the next available slot.
(You must be ready to pay upfront when a slot opens up.)

• Discounts cannot be combined with special commission sales or events.

• Please do not haggle or request for discounts that aren't offered by me directly or during special sales and events.


Work that would require further negotiations
and where you would have to sign a written agreement in the events of the following:

• My work were to be used for various projects

(Animation, Production, Comics)
or commercial purposes.

(Merchandise, Branding, Advertisements, Video Thumbnails etc.)

• Commission work calculating at $100 or more.

• Commissions with advance due dates. (2 weeks minimum)


• I do not accept Crypto currency of any kind as payment.

• Under no circumstances will my work be allowed to be used for the selling 
   and or endorsement of NFTS (Non Fungible Tokens) or any crypto currency 
that operates by blockchain or any other system.

• You do not have permission to mint/sell any of my work as NFTs.

• Violation of this policy will result in a DMCA takedown
as well as permanent blacklisting from any future purchases and services.


I reserve the right to refuse Service/Commission requests from anyone for any reason. Including but not limited to:

• Time constraints or Scheduling conflicts.

• Inability to portray certain ideas.

• The commission in question makes me uncomfortable.

• Client's reputation and previous history regarding behavior/interactions with me or other artists.

• Lack of payment and communication.

• Health related Issues.

• Family emergencies.

• Rude or Inappropriate messages


• All of my artwork belongs to me.


(The characters featured however belong to their respective owners.)

• I also reserve the right to use/edit my artwork for personal use, or however I see fit. Be it for self promotion, samples for my portfolio/commission forms, prints for vending events, posts on social media etc. Except under specific circumstances.

• Aside from personal one time prints, you may not use, sell, edit or redistribute my work for any other purposes (Merchandising, Advertisements, vendor prints etc.) without direct permission, or anything not included prior to any previous discussion or agreement.


(See contract work)

• Any violation of the above TOS will result in cancellation of your commission request, and in some cases permanent blacklisting from any future sales and services.

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